About St. Louis JACL

The Story of the St. Louis JACL

The St. Louis Chapter of the JACL has its origins starting in 1946.  In the past few years the leadership of the JACL is gradually being transferred to the Yonsei generation; as all chapters are.

The legacy of the St. Louis JACL is that our chapter’s name is forever etched in stone at the entrance to the Japanese Garden.  We take pride in the JACL; the various annual events supported and/or sponsored by the chapter attest to the fact that we are a close and proud organization.

The St. Louis JACL continues to monitor important issues that affect our daily lives; on both a local and national level.  The chapter is active in areas dealing with: anti-Asian violence, the promoting of accurate accounts of the Japanese American experience in our nation’s textbooks; and various other civil rights issues.

We have worked with other ethnic groups to enhance understanding between all peoples of all ethnic backgrounds.  By working together, we can make a difference; continuing to gain respect and raise our influence as a member of the minority group within our community.

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