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Join or Renew your JACL Membership!

With 5,000 members and history of leadership since 1929, becoming a member means joining the nation’s oldest, largest, and most experienced Asian American civil rights organization in the fight for justice and equality. Anyone of any ethnic group is welcomed. You do not need to be Japanese American to be a member.

Your membership to JACL matters! More members means more power to advance social justice in our communities, educate others about Japanese American and Asian American history, and preserve history and culture.

Membership has its National benefits including:

  • YOU get the electronic JACL-published newspaper, The Pacific Citizen. You can also access historical archives from the first issue in 1929.
  • YOU may qualify for JACL Health Care and the JACL Credit Union (with competitive rates!)
  • YOU get info and can apply to over $60,000 in student scholarships (membership is open to everyone and all ethnic groups)
  • YOU get info about internships, fellowships, and work opportunities
  • YOU get a national network and a local Chapter of people who care about what we do
  • YOU get admission to JACL events at a special membership rate
  • Most of all, YOU support an organization experienced in creating change and help fuel our mission to create more. Thanks!


Just by being a member YOU help us reach our goals to:

  • Protect civil and human rights
  • Advocate for legislation and issues affecting the Japanese American, Asian American and other marginalized communities who face injustice
  • Educate and empower youth about community and leadership
  • Responses to hate crimes, racism, defamation, and media stereotyping
  • Print & circulate education curriculums about Asian American history for classrooms, workshops and educators


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