Nisei Kitchen

We have received our next batch of printed copies of the “Nisei Kitchen”! The newest reprint includes a clear page in front of the front cover to reduce cover staining.

“From our ISSEI parents, the first generation of Japanese to live in America, we NISEI, the second generation, lovingly transmit the miracle of life and richness of heritage to our children, the SANSEI, or third generation.”

This book has been compiled by members of the St. Louis Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, whose motto is “for better Americans in a greater America.”  Special thanks are due to St. Louis JACL officer George Hasegawa, who saw its need and supplied encouragement over the many years of its creation.

Nisei Kitchen is a lovely cookbook with over 200 pages of easy to follow recipes for delicious dishes.  Includes recipes for traditional Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian and Korean dishes.

Where can I buy one?

A copy of Nisei Kitchen cookbook sells for $16 for non-JACL members and $13 for JACL members, plus $4 shipping and handling for each copy.

Please fill out the following form and we will contact you about placing an order for your  own copy of the Nisei Kitchen cookbook.

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