The St. Louis JACL Scholarship and Loan Fund was created by generous donations from Mr. & Mrs. Yukinobu Yamamoto and supplemented by the Joe Tanaka Family and many other members of the St. Louis JACL over the years. Scholarship awards do not require repayment. The Loan Fund for students provides funds that require repayment without interest after graduation or termination of education.


Minimum of two years previous membership and current membership for a total of 3 years membership in the St. Louis JACL by any member of the family.
St. Louis resident of Japanese ancestry or married to a member of the St. Louis JACL.
Accepted by a college or trade school.
Be a high school graduate.
Selection criteria for applicant:
Application: Neatness, accuracy, legibility.
Autobiography: Command of English, originality. This account should reflect the personality of the applicant.
Essay: Competence of student’s writing ability, knowledge of subject, content, thought process.
Activities: Consistency (service time), diversity (various interests), leadership roles (for school, church community), work (self and/or family).
SAT scores.
Financial need.

The St. Louis JACL Scholarship Application Form

Personal Information:

Supporting information for the JACL Scholarship Award:

Submit a one page essay or autobiography/goals/philosophy which would help us in evaluation of your character/potential/need.
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