St. Louis JACL Scholarships

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The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) is the nation’s oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organization whose mission is to advance social justice and promote the legacy and cultural heritage of the Japanese American community.

The St. Louis JACL Scholarship Fund was created by generous donations from Mr. and Mrs. Yukinobu Yamamoto and the Joe Tanaka family, as well as many other members of the chapter over the years.

The goals of the Scholarship Fund are to:

  • Support students from the St. Louis region in the pursuit of educational goals
  • Encourage young people whose values align with the JACL mission to be committed to and active in issues of diversity, civil rights and social justice
  • Share the mission and work of the JACL with new generations


  • Scholarships from $200 to $2000 are awarded annually, depending on number of applications and available funds.
  • Scholarship recipients can only receive the award one time; any candidate that HAS or IS receiving a scholarship from this or another local JACL chapter cannot qualify.


Applicants should be:

  • Current or incoming undergraduate or graduate students at any college, trade school or graduate school
  • Active in some way in issues of diversity, civil rights, and/or social justice

Preferred consideration will be given to:

  • Students who have some connection with the St. Louis JACL chapter (e.g., current member, family member is a current member, or history of activity with the JACL as a volunteer, event attendee, etc.) AND/OR
  • Students residing in or connected with the greater St. Louis region


  • Applications are accepted through the St. Louis JACL website from April 1, 2023 – May 15, 2023.
  • Scholarships will be announced by June 10, 2023.
  • Scholarship presentation will be made at the St. Louis JACL 4th of July Picnic.  Scholarship recipients are strongly encourage to attend the presentation of their awards at the picnic.  NOTE: In the event the picnic is cancelled due to COVID, another arrangement will be made to present award to student recipient(s).
  • Recipient(s) will be invited to share and update on their activities at a future JACL event or meeting.


  • Fill out the below form.  Once you click submit, it will be emailed to the scholarship contact.
  • Please request one letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well (teacher, advisor, employer, etc.) to be sent to the the St. Louis JACL Scholarship Committee at by the deadline.
  • No other supplementary materials are required.  However, if you wish to provide any supplementary materials, please coordinate with

PLEASE NOTE: There are also national scholarships and awards from the JACL that have an earlier deadline and must be applied for separately.  Applicants for national awards must be members of the JACL.

The St. Louis JACL Scholarship Application Form

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