St. Louis JACL Congratulates 2022 Scholarship Winners!

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Alexander Stamper

Alexander Stamper is a graduate of Lutheran High School of St. Charles County. He participated on the school’s robotics team, where he competed at the Worlds competition and provided computer-aided design and programming. Alexander help modify ride-on toy cars for children with mobility needs. Alexander also has participated in an egg hunt for blind children through the city of St. Charles. For JACL, Alexander has worked at the JACL soda booth at the Japanese Festival and his family is a member of the St. Louis Chapter. Alexander’s essay focused on the inclusion and civil rights of LGBT people. He plans to continue seeking leadership opportunities in school and in the community. This fall, Alexander plans to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology and study computer science.

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Maya Kim

Maya Kim is a graduate of Kirkwood High School. Besides carrying a full course load of advanced classes, Maya was active in National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll, A Plus Program, MiPA-JEA Honor Roll, the Mental Health Awareness Committee and the Kirkwood Call student newspaper, where she held positions in social media, web editing and as an editorial board member. Outside of school, Maya worked as a cashier, barista, food maker and babysitter. Maya also has done service work for multiple organization and she has worked at the JACL soda booth at the Japanese Festival and her family is a member of the St. Louis Chapter. Maya’s essay was about racism and civil rights, and she cited George Floyd’s death, COVID-19 and anti-Asian hate crimes as pivotal events that help find her voice in human and civil rights. Maya wants to be an advocate for a better justice system that is not prejudiced due to race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Maya plans to attend Ball State University in the fall and will study journalism and criminology.

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