They Deserve a Stamp

They Deserve a Stamp

Please consider signing a petition to get a stamp honoring JA soldiers from WWII.
Go to


Deadline: March 20, 2016


Honor these American World War II soldiers on a US commemorative postage stamp.

We respectfully ask that the President green light a commemorative postage stamp honoring the Japanese American World War II soldiers, known as “the Nisei soldiers.”
The USPS has delayed this stamp subject for ten years.

This heroic group suffered great loss fighting for freedom abroad while the US government denied their families freedom at home in the internment camps. When the US went to war with Japan, people doubted them only because their parents came from Japan. Their valor would prove their loyalty and earn them the distinction of one of the most decorated groups in our history.

This small stamp will be large in its reach as an iconic image to help define what it means to be an American.

Please preserve the legacy of these historic American veterans through a stamp.
Thank you!


For more info go to

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